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Connect With Your Future Graduates


Meaningful engagement like never before...

Every year, post-secondary institutions collectively engage and help prepare the 15 million high schoolers nationwide for what comes after high school. Colleges, universities, vocational programs, and boot camps all face challenging recruitment efforts critical to your institution's future and culture. Campuses' recruitment efforts are under pressure to respond to thousands of inquiries manually, conduct outreach to high school seniors/college transfers, and ultimately find students who complete their enrolled programs.   

With Future Gen, institutions achieve perspective student engagement like never before by connecting high schoolers and transfer students with your current students, faculty, and recruiters through live video streaming. This connection provides a real-world view of what makes your institution shine. We reduce the manual workload required to answer the questions of high school seniors and college transfers so that you can focus on exhibiting your campus's unique attributes. 

How It Works

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Step 1

Create an enterprise account for your institution 

Step 2

Invite your content creators to create their accounts 

Step 3

Have a content creator schedule their first live stream event 

Step 4

Host your first live stream event and engage with your future graduates!  


2022 Recipient

Education 2.0 - Outstanding Leadership Award

Heather Owen, CA

"It is innovative ideas like this that help us better education and ensure that our students are prepared for a successful future."
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