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A career discovery platform made for Gen Z

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to figure out how to plan your future? You are not alone! Over 200M+ adults had to do the same (some still ask the same question!). Future Gen's CareerAtlas is the first career exploration platform designed for Gen Z, by Gen Z.

Discover how your personal strengths and interests can be applied in the world around you through recommended short videos. After interacting with a few videos, you are on your way to better understanding yourself and reaching your full potential!


Build Up Your Profile

Watch short videos to reflect on what you want to become in the future. Based on your interactions with the videos, your profile of recommended careers will change to filter for your personal preferences and interests.

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Explore Careers and Educational Options

Learn more about career options that cater to your interests and preferences and learn about the skills needed for the job. In addition, we provide a number of educational programs specialized in your specific career.

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Share Your Results

After reading through your results, you may share them with your peers, parents, guidance counselors, and teachers so that they can gain a better sense of your interests and professional goals.

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