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Gen Z Career Compass

A Career & Education Exploration Platform for Gen Z

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to figure out how to plan your future? You are not alone! Over +200M adults had to do the same (some still ask the same question!). Future Gen's Career Compass is the first Gen Z career and education exploration platform.

Discover how your personal strengths and interests can be applied in the world around you through recommended YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok videos. After answering a few questions, you are on your way to better understanding yourself and reaching your full potential!

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Building Your Profile


Understand your skills and where you would like them to be using our Skills Map.

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Exploration Platform


Navigate professionals to better understand what skills and interests complement them using the career dashboard..


Reflect on your interests to start aligning them with your unique skill set using our Interests Playground.


Weigh what potential continued education programs (college, vocational, etc.) to consider or not pursue in our Education Library.

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