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We take the "Assessment" out of Career Assessment 

If you have ever taken a career interest survey, you probably know this tasking experience is boring and time-consuming. At Future Gen, we believe everyone should be excited about career exploration and readiness; that is why we created the Career Atlas, the first career exploration platform to use curated short-form videos for career discovery!

Learn how YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram video shorts can help the emerging workforce understand how their interests apply to real-world applications. After interacting with a handful of videos, our users will be on their way to better understanding themselves and imagining a future that is made for them!


Building A Profile

Users are seamlessly engaged in their career exploration journey by watching and reacting to the short videos of knowledgeable content creators. Based on their interactions with the curated videos, the user's profile of recommended careers will reflect personal preferences and interests.

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Explore Careers With Trusted Information

Empowered by O*Net and complemented by our curated videos, the Career Atlas easily provides detailed information and data on a professional’s skills, tasks, education, wages, and more. If a picture says a thousand words, our videos are storytellers.

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Easily Share Results

Easily cross-collaborate with parents, teachers, and counselors on curriculum planning, academic advisory, and career counseling on any individual’s or group’s career exploration journey. Career results are readily shareable across a user’s entire support network with the click of a button.

Online Homework
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