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What do I do after high school? 

College Friends

This is a big decision...

Millions of high schoolers face the same daunting question every year: "What will I do after I graduate?" This question is usually followed by:

Do I go to college? What would I study? How would I pay for tuition? What else can I do? Is college even for me?

At Future Gen, we understand how challenging this can be because we asked ourselves these same questions. Our team brings together colleges/universities, trade schools, boot camps, and other post-high school opportunities in one location so you can explore the countless possibilities you have! 

How It Works

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Search, browse, and discover what programs and opportunities are available nationwide on our live video streaming platform.

Create an Account

Create a Future Gen account to create a profile to easily share with orgs and get access to our Reflections Assessment. 

Join a Livestream

Learn more about any topic or program directly from recruiters, faculty, and current students.

Own Your Future

Find an adventure that excites you and connect with the org to learn more about how to prepare and pursue your dreams.

Common Questions Other High Schoolers are Asking

High School Friends
  • How do I apply for financial aid/scholarships?

  • What is a college's campus culture like?

  • Are there tech boot camps or certifications I can complete in one year?

  • How do I find trade schools that offer programs that interest me?  

  • What programs/majors are offered at a particular school?

  • How do I best prepare for the college application process?

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