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Our Team

Mission Statement: "We reimagine the global workforce as unique individuals searching for a clear path to lifelong fulfillment"  

At Future Gen, we know first-hand the pressure of trying to choose the direction for your future. We believe that everyone should have a fulfilling career, we are here to help you discover it!  

Our Leadership

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Eddie Mazariegos

CEO - Founder

  • LinkedIn

Eddie is a former management consultant that graduated from UC Davis. He has experience in merger and acquisition advisory across a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, and professional services.

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Ceci Vu 


  • LinkedIn

Ceci is a data analyst at a healthcare startup who has graduated from UC Berkeley. Using her background in design thinking and rapid prototyping, she has competed and won many design competitions.

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Dhruv Singhal


  • LinkedIn

Dhruv is a software engineer at Dell with 3 years of industry experience and is concurrently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science specializing in machine learning at Georgia Tech. He works in a fast paced environment to develop software and create continuous integration test scripts for an enterprise data protection application.

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Paula Quon


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Paula is a strategic financial analyst in the SaaS industry who has graduated from UC Davis. She has built a community with over 13k members to amplify Asian voices in the sustainability movement and helps these sustainability-based startups grow their businesses.

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Zac Bouchard


  • LinkedIn

Zac is an Accenture Consultant in the tech industry that graduated from UC Davis. He has experience in large system implementation, change management, training, cultural transformation and client account innovation.  

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David Paschane

Ph.D. Human Geography

  • LinkedIn

David has 25 years of experience in applied scientific research emphasizing in work performance and organizational culture. His advisory focus on workforce optimization, relating to the future of work and talent has greatly impacted corporate, community, and government leadership.  

Our Senior Advisors


Robert Boyer

Ph.D. Technical Fellow

  • LinkedIn

Robert has 35 years of experience in software R&D with a current focus in AI/ML. With seven awarded patents, Robert has contributed to the technological innovation of numerous industries by bridging the gap between business and technology.   

Katherine K _edited.jpg

Katherine Kost

Emerita, CIO

  • LinkedIn

Katherine has 30 years of experience in global business having held various titles including Managing Director, CIO, and CEO. Her skills in operations, IT, finance and planning have been implemented across a wide array of industries. 

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