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Discover career paths personalized to your interests and strengths through Future Gen

Find Real World Applications of Your Interests

No matter what your interests are, Future Gen has a collection of shorts that show how your personal pursuits are used by modern-day professionals.

Carpentry Work

Choose from a Customized Selection of Shorts

Future Gen provides personalized recommendations of shorts tailored to your watch history and activity - making it easier to find relevant and interesting content.

Browse through an Extensive Library of Careers

Future Gen offers an extensive range of 30,000+ career options, giving you plenty of choices to explore and find your perfect fit.

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How it Works

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Select Shorts to Watch

Future Gen provides a diverse range of content. Select and choose which shorts align with you professional career interests and start watching.

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Express Your Opinion

Share your viewpoints about a short’s content by either liking or disliking videos. If you don’t find the content relatable, simply skip the short. These interactions contribute to your overall results.

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Review Your Career Results

After you’ve watched and interacted with enough short videos, you’ll be able to explore a range of career paths, educational opportunities, and related shorts curated to your unique watch behavior.

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Continue Watching Shorts

Keep watching shorts to gain valuable insight into specific career options and industries that interests you. Shorts can provide a glimpse into different careers and can help you better understand the skills and knowledge required for each profession.

Why People Love Our Product

The platform is simple and easy to use

Each result is personalized and unique to its user

Results are delivered quickly

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"It is innovative ideas like this that help us better educate and ensure that our students are prepared for a successful future."

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Heather Owens

Monterey County Board of Education Member

Recent Awards and Recognition

People's Choice Award

Milgard School of Business

May 2023

Most Likely to Launch

Innov8 Impactathon

April 2023


Outstanding Leadership Award

Education 2.0 Conference

December 2022

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